Anchors away on a new game

Welcome to the Devlog

Hey guys. I've decided to start a devlog to record my progress on a new untitled 2D game with a merchant theme. I've decided to call it "Merchant Game" for now (original, I know :P).

This is my first time doing a devlog for any of my games and since I'm relatively new to game dev I'm bound to get some things wrong. Let me know what I can improve in the comments, yeah?

What I've got so far

So far in the development, I've been really focusing on the look and feel of my game. I've already decided on the main storyline for the game, which I've alluded to in the key art work. Hopefully you get the sense that there's more to this game than originally appears. In your seafaring travels, you're going to come across something a bit...mysterious... lurking in the waters. More on the story will come in a future devlog. :)

Design-wise, I'm going for a soft, kind of magical atmosphere.
The elements I've implemented so far are:

  • Day/Night cycle (using a free asset from the Unity store)
  • Background music
  • simple UI graphics
  • Kenney cartography pack for the map elements
  • simple SFX
  • some dialogue elements

The game's day/night cycle

My design goal is to use simple assets well to create a big impact. I don't want to get bogged down in a bunch of complicated assets so I've chosen fairly simple UI elements and vector graphics from the Kenney cartography set.

Next Steps:

I've been working through the RPG Dialogue Course and have managed to implemented the basic dialogue node structure into the game. So far, the dialogue pops up after a coroutine runs when the game first launches but of course I'm planning on hooking it up to actual NPCs in the game.

The back end of the dialogue system in Unity.
The dialogue system in-game.

In the next while I'll be working on finessing the dialogue system and adding some quest functionality as well. My goal is to have dozens of different quests for the player to do in various areas of the world map. We'll see how it goes. I want the world to feel big, but not overwhelming.

That's it for now but be sure to follow along for future updates on the game!

Thanks for reading!

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